How you can go to the Pink Floyd eclipse event in WA

April 6, 2023 9:11 am in by Pip Doyle

It’s one of the most celebrated albums of all time and considered one of the most influential and groundbreaking albums ever.

So how on earth do you adequately mark Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon turning 50?

By looking to the heavens.

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Specifically, in Exmouth, Western Australia.

On April 20, at 11.29am, Pink Floyd will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of its classic album with a once-in-a-lifetime listening event – timed with the viewing of a rare total solar eclipse.

But get this: at this time, the shadow of the moon will graze the tip of WA, as it travels over Ningaloo in Exmouth. The town has been identified as the best land-based place on earth to experience the eclipse.

Pink Floyd is offering 8 Australian competition winners the exclusive opportunity to visit a special location within this region to hear Dark Side Of The Moon in full – with Roger Waters iconic closing lines “But the sun is eclipsed by the moon…” from the album’s epic final song ‘Eclipse’ timed to align with the moment of total eclipse.

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It’s understood they’ll hit play on album underneath its passing at 10:16:54am – the iconic closing line “…but the sun is eclipsed by the moon…” will sync with the sun being eclipsed by the moon.

The Ningaloo Eclipse will be exposed in full totality for 62 seconds.

Aussie Pink Floyd fans who are not successful in the competition are still encouraged take part in their own listening session, with the solar eclipse partially viewable across the country (with varying degrees of magnitude).

Below are the times to start playing the album to approximately align Roger Waters final line of ‘Eclipse’ with the partial eclipse:

  • WESTERN AUSTRALIA – approx. 10.30am local time; 0.766 Magnitude (for Perth – the eclipse will be greater magnitude further north)
  • SOUTH AUSTRALIA – approx. 12.48pm local time; 0.192 Magnitude
  • NORTHERN TERRITORY – approx. 1.10pm local time; 0.845 Magnitude
  • TASMANIA – approx. 1.24pm local time; 0.125 Magnitude
  • VICTORIA – approx. 1.27pm local time; 0.205 Magnitude
  • ACT – approx. 1.40pm local time; 0.192 Magnitude
  • NSW – approx. 1.46pm local time; 0.191 Magnitude
  • QUEENSLAND – approx. 2.02pm local time; 0.270 Magnitude
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*You should never attempt to observe a total, partial or annular eclipse with the naked eye. There are several way to observe an eclipse – for more information visit the ARPANSA website.