White Ribbon Day: There’s No Good Reason Not to Get Involved

November 17, 2023 7:27 am in by

Ahead of White Ribbon Day on Friday, November 17th, a new report released by White Ribbon Australia exposes a concerning gap in efforts to combat violence against women. Despite 86% of men recognising their role in preventing such violence, only 6% actually take action to address the issue.

Furthermore, the study highlights a lack of awareness about non-physical forms of violence and confusion about how to help.

Key findings of the study include:

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  • Australians struggle to identify social and psychological violence, with only 25% recognising “Reducing agency” as a form of violence against women.
  • More than half of Australian men (56%) admit to not understanding their role in preventing violence against women.
  • Shockingly, 64% of men believe that simply not being an offender is enough to help end violence against women.
  • Australians underestimate the gendered nature of violence against women, with only 71% recognising that men are responsible for nearly all cases.

Melissa Perry, CEO of White Ribbon Australia, emphasises the importance of men’s involvement in addressing this issue. She states, “Our organisation exists to stop violence against women before it starts. We need men to be a part of the solution, not bystanders.”

White Ribbon Day ‘The Daily Issue’ Campaign

As part of their upcoming White Ribbon Day campaign on November 17, 2023, White Ribbon Australia is launching a special edition newspaper called The Daily Issue. This newspaper aims to raise awareness about the prevalence of violence against women in Australia. It includes 500 articles, representing just 1% of the 48,000 stories published in 2023 alone.

White Ribbon Australia strives to prevent violence by men against women through proactive measures. The intention is for these narratives to be some of the final pieces discussing violence against women, marking the beginning of its eradication.

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To encourage men to take action, the campaign urges them to educate themselves and others by visiting Additionally, White Ribbon Australia offers support in establishing educational programs against violence in workplaces and schools.

Discover the Reality of Violence in Your Network

The campaign also aims to help individuals relate to the reality of violence, with many Australians believing that violence against women “doesn’t happen to people I know”. Individuals are encouraged to visit the online tool, a digital experience that demonstrates how violence could be affecting the women in people’s lives and highlights the important signs to look out for.

The Australian public is encouraged to use the online tool to find out how close violence is in their network.

The calculator offers insights into the likelihood of women individuals know experiencing violence from men. Users are provided with five statistics and five reasons to get involved. They have the ability to share their results on social media and demonstrate support to contribute to real change.

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About White Ribbon Australia

White Ribbon Australia is a worldwide movement committed to ending violence against women by men. They employ evidence-based strategies to prevent abuse and create a society where women are free from such violence. They involve various communities across the country through numerous services and programs. Their approach involves engaging men and boys in order to prevent violence against women from occurring in the first place.

“We cannot afford to think we have done enough to prevent men’s violence against women in this country. Our goal is to create a society where all women are free from this violence.” – Melissa Perry, CEO of White Ribbon Australia.

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