TikTok User Lists All The ‘Feral Things’ Aussies Do While Shopping

July 10, 2023 10:11 am in by
Image: TikTok User - @thejordangrace

A British TikToker has hilariously highlighted what she calls the “feral things” Australians do while grocery shopping. In a viral TikTok video, Jordan Grace playfully roasts Aussies for their shopping habits, but not all of them meet her “feral” criteria. Being a fan of grocery runs herself, she enjoys browsing through deals, stocking up on snacks, and discovering new products. However, it seems Australian shopping customs differ from those in other countries.

Grace’s list of “feral things” starts with “going shopping barefoot,” and it’s hard to disagree on this one. Walking on cold vinyl floors and bringing that bacteria home does sound quite feral. While Grace deems it “gross,” she admits to having shopped with her dogs before. Another item on the list is sampling goods before purchasing them. Grace, calling it “thievery” due to the weight-based pricing of produce, disapproves of this practice. However, many Aussies have resorted to this to ensure they get the best quality for their money.

@thejordanagrace FERAL things Aussies do in supermarkets! How many are you guilty of? #australia #feral ♬ original sound – That British Girl
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In terms of fashion choices, Grace finds shopping in pyjamas “feral and uncivilised,” although she has also indulged in this habit occasionally. The article disagrees, asserting that some of the best shopping trips are done at 10pm while wearing comfy attire like an Oodie and Uggs. Embracing the liberation of shopping in pyjamas is considered non-feral, but it’s advised to keep the shoes on.

Grace’s next observation focuses on reaching into the back of shelves to grab items with the best expiry dates. Contrary to her belief, this is not considered feral at all. Many people do this to obtain products that haven’t been handled by numerous shoppers. Surprisingly, this is another feral thing that even Grace admits to doing herself.

So, the next time you spot a fellow Aussie shopping barefoot, sampling produce, or wearing pyjamas, just remember it’s all part of our shopping culture – as feral as it may be.