Uber Calls for Better Regional Rideshare Rules

March 12, 2024 8:26 am in by
Uber by

Uber has urged the State Government to change regulations to allow their drivers more easy access to Regional South Australia.

Currently rideshare drivers have to obtain separate accreditation for metropolitan and regional areas and cannot hold both at once.

The company has written to SA Transport Minister Tom Koutsantonis, arguing the regulatory framework constrains availability of transport options in our regional settings and hinders drivers from serving across both geographical boundaries.

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Uber has proposed three potential solutions to rectify the situation:

  • Eliminate the boundary differentiation between metropolitan and regional areas.
  • Extend the metropolitan boundary to encompass select regional territories.
  • Permit drivers to hold both metropolitan and regional accreditations concurrently, enabling operation in both areas.

Local Liberal Member Adrian Pederick has thrown his weight behind the push.

The MP representing Murray Bridge and Strathalbyn has expressed his eagerness to witness amendments enabling rideshare expansion into the regions and has emphasised Minister Koutsantonis’ responsibility to address these issues promptly, asserting that regional residents deserve enhanced access to rideshare services.