SA Govt Introduce More Support For Struggling Wine Industry

April 10, 2024 4:51 pm in by
Photo: Unsplash

The State Government is offering $1500 in immediate grants to red wine grape growers, in addition to their existing support packages.

The one-off cash boost will coincide with rural business support sessions, as the industry aims to bounce back from a difficult period.

The ethephon vineyard resting trial, which when applied halts supply from vines, will also be extended to the next vintage to give growers time to make considered business decisions.

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Primary Industries Claire Scriven says it’s another small step towards helping those who need it.

“This additional funding to assist grape growers help cover routine costs through this challenging season continues our strong commitment to South Australia’s growers and local industries that underpin regional communities,” Scriven said.

Listen below to Claire Scriven’s interview on Around SA with ARN‘s Chris Guscott: