Precious Plants for Precious People Celebrates 10 Years

June 22, 2023 4:08 pm in by
Photo Credit: Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board

One of the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board’s most popular programs is celebrating a decade of impact within local schools.

The Precious Plants for Precious People initiative has seen more than 4000 plants distributed across the regions, with 70 schools having participated.

It was originally established to provide school children with a native plant to give their mum on mother’s day, but has grown to recognise the many precious people – guardians, grandparents and family friends – who play a role in raising young people.

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Education Officer Cindy Kakoschke says it’s the program has been hugely beneficial.

“Precious Plants for Precious People provides an opportunity for us to educate young people about the importance of local native species in terms of both ecological and cultural significance,” said Ms Kakoschke.

“The more local native plants we can get back in the ground, the more habitat we can
provide for local native species, particularly those in trouble.”