How to Prepare for a Wild Winter – SES

June 4, 2024 8:53 am in by
Photo: SES. A press conference was held on Monday with Liz Connell, Acting Chief Officer, SA SES Hon Dan Cregan MP, South Australian Minister for Emergency Services and Correctional Services. Matthew Bennett, Executive General Manager, NRMA Insurance Jayne Harris, SES Volunteer, SA SES Graeme Modistach, SES Volunteer, SA SES

The South Australian State Emergency Service (SES) has launched a storm preparedness campaign, in partnership with NRMA Insurance, to raise awareness of severe weather risks and help South Australians get prepared.

It comes as new research from the insurer reveals the majority of South Australians are concerned about the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather, yet more than one in three (38%) do not feel prepared to respond.

Data also shows last winter was the worst for wild weather damage in SA in the past six years, with 40% of all NRMA home claims caused by extreme weather.

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Chris Beattie, Chief Officer of the SES said there could also be more incidents involving trees following a record-breaking dry spell in South Australia.

“Prolonged dry spells can add to the stress on trees increasing the likelihood of dropped branches and when followed by a sudden increase in rain, along with strong winds, will increase the instability of soil, increasing the likelihood of further stress on trees,” Chris Beattie said.

Emergency Services Minister Dan Cregan from the Hills electorate of Kavel has told ARN’s Jennie Lenman and Adam Connelly that he would like to see local residents supporting the work of the SES by getting ready for the season ahead.

“The SES has already responded to 2,500 incidents. These are volunteers in our community who are dedicated to assisting us. So we’re just asking people to do a little bit to prepare their communities and their properties to make things a little easier for the SES this winter,” Minster Cregan said this morning.

To prepare for severe weather and storms the SES advises:

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  • Trimming any overhead branches around your property
  • Cleaning your gutters and downpipes of leaves and debris
  • Checking and clearing drains on your property
  • Tying down loose outdoor furniture
  • Checking adequacy of insurance coverage

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