24/7 Cat Containment Considered for Mt Barker

June 24, 2024 6:28 am in by
Photo: Artem Makarov, via

Changes have been proposed in the Mount Barker District to keep new cats confined permanently to their homes.

At last week’s Council meeting, members agreed to seek the community’s input to change by-laws that would restrict all cats born from January 2025 from going outside, unless under close supervision and control.

It is a step up from the current curfew laws and is similar to neighbouring Adelaide Hills Council rules introduced in 2022 that restrict cats from roaming outside.

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The idea of the change is to protect other wildlife from being harmed and killed and prevent cats from being a nuisance to other residents.

A three week consultation on the yoursay website is expected to open this Wednesday 26 June 2024.