Community Events

The Cultural Caravan

Come and enjoy the Cultural Caravan – There are a number of events aiming to showcase some of the different migrant communities within our community and give insight into their culture music and food. 

With a talk, entertainment and Q&A we are hoping to connect with people that don’t normally interact.  Let’s create community engagement and connection.

The Cultural Caravan seeks to prove culture as a powerful agent of change within our community by operating at the intersection of small businesses, social-service nonprofits, municipal organizations, and local arts to present world-class performers in low-cost or free events in mainstream and offbeat venues, and to include a wide diversity of voices in the process.

The Cultural Caravan is rich with a wide diversity of voices. Our artists’ influences span South American, African, American folk, jazz, pop, and Classical genres, and more. We aim to reflect that diversity in our audiences as well.



Sep 22 2024