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Murray Bridge – Adventure Trek

3 distance events (43km Marathon Trek, 30 km and 21km half Marathon trek)

All just walking, no need to be a runner.

Easy logistics and bonus activities along the way (archery, abseil and kayak as well as some other adventure challenges which are all optional)

Event HQ: Sturt Reserve- Murray Bridge this will be your finish line as well as where you catch your bus and will be dropped at the start location for each event. Note each event starts at different times.

Discover the Unseen: The Lavender Trail & Kinchina trails aren’t just a walk in the park; it’s a stroll through nature’s VIP section. Prepare to be awestruck as you uncover hidden wonders and maybe a few rogue possums plotting world domination. Adventure-Trek Murray River: where even the trail has tales!

Celebrate Every Step Forget about counting steps; we’re counting high-fives! Whether you’re striding through the 43km Marathon like an over-caffeinated gazelle or casually conquering 21km Half Marathon with the enthusiasm of a sloth on a lazy Sunday, each step is a victory dance waiting to happen.

For Every Fitness Level Good news: Adventure-Trek doesn’t discriminate against couch potatoes or fitness gurus. It’s not a race; it’s a leisurely stroll with snacks, strategically disguised as exercise. Remember, the only race here is who can have more fun!

All event participants have till 5pm to reach the finish line at Sturt Reserve which is a nice steady and achievable walk pace even for the 43km event.

Fundraise with Flair Fundraising doesn’t have to be all serious business. Channel your inner fundraising superhero, Captain Generosity, and swoop in with a donation of $50! It’s like throwing confetti at a charity party – festive and for a good cause! Better still, get others to donate to the cause and really make a difference to the charity.

Party at the Finish Line The finish line isn’t just an endpoint; it’s a gateway to a post-trek fiesta! We have secured some live music and there are plenty of food options right near the finishline you can sink your teeth into.

No Stress, Just Adventure Worried about logistics? Fear not! Our adventure buses are like magic carpets, ready to transport you from car to start line. It’s the only trek where the journey is so seamless, you’ll forget you’re even moving – until you check your step count.

Bus Times: (Leaving Sturt Reserve to drop to start line) 

43km Marathon Trek- 6am

30km Mid Trek – 7:40am

21km Half Marathon Trek- 11:20am

Adventure Awaits – Register Now! Adventure-Trek Murray River: where the journey is as wild as your hiking hair. Register now, because life is too short for boring walks. Grab your pals, your sense of humour, and let’s turn ordinary into extraordinary!

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Jun 15 2024


6:00 am - 5:00 pm


Sturt Reserve
Murray Bridge