Essential Exercise for Women in their Fourties & Fifties

Women experience a rollercoaster of hormonal changes through their fourties and fifties that affect the way their bodies look and feel. And boy, can it be tricky to navigate! Exercise recommendations and fitness programs are simply not a “one-size-fits-all” anymore if you want to stay active with confidence and trust in your body.

Join us for an interactive workshop that dives into the must-knows of movement and exercise to thrive through the physiological changes of perimenopause, the menopause and beyond where we look and feel a little different (or lots different!). Whether you are after a little motivation, a seasoned walker, or love to hit the gym, this workshop provides takeaways you can apply everyday and compliment your chosen form of exercise.

A helpful mix of evidence-based strategy and a holistic approach to wellness, this workshop equips you with the must-knows and actionable steps to strengthen bones, improve muscle, manage weight, reduce the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction, and foster physical and mental resilience.

What to Bring: 

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, and a water bottle. 

Additional Information:

  • Participants will have opportunities to try guided activities that are considered low-intensity movement or exercise, allowing them to comfortably explore their abilities at their own pace.
  • The workshop will provide a supportive and inclusive environment for participants, regardless of fitness level or prior experience with exercise.
  • If you experience pelvic floor pain or dysfunction, we recommend you seek medical evaluation or specific advice. You are invited to contact Amanda for a chat around your body experiences, next steps or appropriate referral.
  • This event is unsuitable for children.


Jul 18 2024


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



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Murray Bridge Basketball Association (Clubrooms)
THE SHOWGROUNDS PRINCES Highway, Murray Bridge South South Australia 5253