Budgie Fest 2023

How good is this?

Mark your calendars, because there is another Grand Final in Adelaide you didn’t know you needed in your life – the ‘Grand Feathered Final’! That’s right, a competition for who has the Best Pet Budgie in South Australia!

The Budgerigar Council of South Australia (BCSA) are hosting the Inaugural Budgie Fest 2023. It’s a day of wholesome family fun, with plenty of kids entertainment. For the parents, there is live music, wine tasting from Hentley Farm, and wood-fired pizzas. Plus there will be a dazzling display of exhibition budgies in a myriad of colours you probably didn’t know existed. The day will include workshops on how to train your budgie, how to get it to talk, as well as the all-important Best Pet Budgie judging. Awards include:

🌟 Chirp-Champion: Awarded to the budgie with the most unique or entertaining chirp, song, talk or vocal imitation!

🌈 Most Dazzling Feathers: For the budgie with the most beautiful or unique feather colors and patterns.

💤 Deepest Sleeper Award: For the budgie that ignores the fact that he’s at a show, and is not phased at all the attention he’s getting today, and simply won’t get involved.

🤝 Friendly Feather Award: Given to the most sociable and friendly budgie towards other birds and/or humans.

🎬 Scene Stealer Award: For the budgie that always wants to be the center of attention and steals the spotlight.

💏 Sweetheart Pair Award: Given to the two budgies that are inseparable and have a special bond.

🎓 Whose A Clever Bird Award: For the budgie that has the most tricks or displays intelligent behavior.

🐦 Tweet-heart Award: For the Best Children’s Pet Budgie, as explained by their owner (Open to 12 and under)



Oct 28 2023


11:00 am - 2:00 pm



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