Hidden Mic


Join The Power Pack each weekday morning at 8:20am for The Hidden Mike thanks to Telstra Store, Mt Barker!

Each morning  the Power Pack will play you a sound that has been recorded by our hidden microphone somewhere around the Adelaide Hills, Murraylands, South Coast or city... and all you have to do is guess where it is to win cold hard cash!

The jackpot will go up $10 each day the location isn't guessed, so you never know just how much you might win!

Keep checking back here because we'll list some of the incorrect guesses to help you out.... AND listen every day because you get to ask a question with a yes or no answer every day!

New Hidden Mic Sound! 


with $10 to be added each time we play!

Previously asked questions:

Does the sound include a boat?


Is Mikey near the ocean?



Jude from Goolwa who won $110!  

 The answer: Birds at the Hahndorf Farm Barn

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