18 Million Retweets For A Year's Worth Of Nuggets

Wendys nuggets.jpg

Meet Carter Wilkerson. Back on April 5th he sent out a tweet that would change the twitterverse.

This cheeky tweet was met with a pretty big challenge from the US fast food chain, but an equally confident Carter was up for the challenge and so one of the most retweeted messages of all time has begun!

As of April 11, the tweet has been retweeted over 2.4 million times. To put this in persepective, the tweet that broke the internet, posted by Ellen DeGeneres from the Oscars in 2014 is just 1.2 milllin more than that at 3.2 million!

Good luck Carter, may those nuggets be a sweet reward!


Image: theimpulsivebuy (flickr)

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