Using Downtime to Upskill during the Global Pandemic

The lockdown affect people in many different ways but one thing is for sure, everyone needs to keep an eye on their mental health and find ways to keep busy.

Some people choose to exercise and are still sticking to social distancing while running, riding or even doing at home gym sessions online. Zoom is a fantastic tool for the last option and there are lot's of gyms across the world using that to get trainers in front of people and keep an eye on form and habits. 


Another way to keep your mental health in check is to keep your brain active and on something other than the troubles of the world, you can do this by using technology to upskill in your downtime.

There are great paid resources available online, like "Lynda" which has now been absorbed by Linkedin and has become "Linkedin Learning". This service can be great and offers a free month to start you off. You can browse through the library to see what skills you'd like to learn next. It's an endless supply of powerful learning tools.


Another service you've probably seen advertised everywhere is the "Masterclass" series


This site uses experts and celebrities to teach you the tools of the trade for the things you are passionate about.

Learn comedy from Steve Martin, or Singing with Christina Aguilera. There are endless amounts of classes to enjoy and they are all shot beautifully.

For me,

I like the free option. You can browse through youtube and find lots of great professionals and amateur content that is all about teaching you to do a certain thing. 

Your next learning experience is just a search away.


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