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Are you happy being single?


Are you happy being single?

Take Test:

1/ You like having complete control over the remote - YES/NO

2/ You don't want to explain your credit card statement to anyone - YES/NO

3/ Your bed is half filled with books and journals with a little bit of room left for the dog - YES/NO

4/ You keep the toilet door open when you're in there - YES NO

5/ You hate someone talking to you when you're watching a movie - YES/NO

6/ You need a full walk in robe to yourself - YES/NO

7/ You like the idea of eating your way through an entire box of chocolates. Starting with your least favourite and saving the best ones for last - YES/NO

8/ You like talking to the TV - YES /NO

9/ You like hanging out with your friends - YES/NO

10/ You'd rather buy yourself a Valentine's gift, than wait and hope that someone will get you the right thing - YES/NO 

If you answered more than 7 with a YES, you're totally happy being single!


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