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Tidy up your photos and honour your memories with these storage ideas


Memories are so precious. They a snap shots of a time passed and to have them captured on film is super special.

With this tidying up craze happening now, the BIG question left after all your drawers are tidy and you've decluttered, is how do you store your photos? These are visual memories, that still "spark joy", but that can also be scattered all over the house in no particular order.

So how do you store such precious memories? 

Here's some ideas:

1/ My favourite thing to do is have a photo wall. A place where you will enjoy seeing your memories every single day. 

2/ Scrapbooking is such a great idea for photos and in the end you'll have a beautiful book filled with lovely memories.

3/ Photo albums are still available and these can look nice on a book shelf. Make sure you have these on a shelf you can access and schedule in time to look through them from time to time.

4/ Pretty photo boxes can be purchased from Big W and Kmart and these also look really nice stored on a book shelf. Make sure the photos inside are in some sort of order. It's a good idea to seperate them with rubber bands, in piles. You can separate by the year, by occassion, by person etc....make sure you label the piles and also the boxes, so you know what's in each photo box.  

5/ The obvious one is storing them digitally. This can be a huge job if most of your photos need to be scanned in, but it will also solve a big storage dilema later. Let's face it you won't have to dust them if they are stored in the "cloud"    

I like to know that one day my children's grandchildren might look through my old memories and get to know me, and that's why I want to value them and have them looked after now.    

The way you store your photo's is really a personal choice, but the main thing is you feel happy when you look at them.