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What's Trending 7.12.17

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It's getting to that time of year! We aren't just approaching Christmas, it's also time for everyone to give us their 'best of's' for 2017. One publication that gets more attention than most is TIME magazine. Firstly, apologies to US President Donald Trump who didn't get the gong for the second year running, although according to him, he made that choice:

The honour this year instead when to the brave women that have spoken out in Hollywood about sexual abuse and sparked the powerful #metoo movement which has since sent shockwaves in the entertainment industry around the world.


She may not be changing lives like the women above, but University of Alabama student Kelsey Hall is at least doing her best to spread some Christmas cheer this year. A tweet of a great Christmas Tree costume has now landed her with the task of wearing it for the remainder of her school semester - all hail the power of Twitter! Tis the season!


At least it looks like she's committing at this point in time. Go Kelsey!