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Richard Pascoe - Adelaide Tech Guy - New Samsung S10 Review

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Quick Tip: Trying to save space on your Windows 10 computer , do a search for storage sense – you can then set it to automatically free space on your Windows 10 computer

Samsung Galaxy S10 - Review

Picked it up on Friday

Battery life excellent – easily get through a day

Screen is superb – Samsung really do have the best screens

Call quality is excellent

Great camera

One of the things I look at is call reception in poor reception areas – I use the Telstra network and can say that it did not drop out where my iPhone had previously dropped out

Stop using your smartphone while on the toilet

Recent research carried out by 61 percent of men and 37 percent of women regularly use their phone on the toilet.

40% admitted to using their mobile phone while in the bathroom at work and just 20% of those said they clean their phone afterwards. Gross right?

For a start the bathroom is a hotbed of germs, which can easily be collected on your digi friend.

Initial Washroom Hygiene swabbed smartphones and found that average reading across all the mobile phones was 1479.

Just to give you an idea of how germ-y this is, a reading of over 500 units from an object indicates a high level of contamination, 200-500 is the normal range, and under 200 is low.

Up to 80% of all infections are transmitted by touch. So when people use their phones and put it in close proximity to their mouths when on calls, they are potentially increasing the likelihood of picking up an illness

Even if you’re not using your phone on the loo, if you’re still holding it while you’re going in and out of the bathroom, that’s enough to put bacteria on the phone particularly if you haven’t yet washed your hands.

And it isn’t just germs we need to be wary of while enjoying a little loo-time with our smartphone.

While many of us use the toilet as some a kind of time-out from life and an opportunity to catch up on your phone-min, too much scrolling in the sanctuary of the bathroom could have an unexpected impact on your bottom. Hello haemorrhoids!

According to some experts staying on the toilet for an extended period, say while you’re engrossed in Insta-stories, can put unnecessary pressure on the rectum, which some believe can cause haemorrhoids.

Buying a printer tips

Price is not everything – the cheaper the printer the more it costs per page to print

Check how to setup your printer for wifi – some are not that easy to setup

Look for the printers that now come with Ink bottles like the Epson Eco Tank

Buy your printer from a retailer that sells more than one brand

The disc you get with the printer is always out of date – go to the website of the maker and look for the web installer