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Richard Pascoe - Adelaide Tech Guy - Here's Why your Phone Battery Sucks

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Quick Tip: When setting up Windows 10 want people don’t like the “tiles “ , just right click on them and “ unpin from start” , if you remove all of them you will just have your program list

3 reasons why your phone has such short battery life

More Power, More Power Consumption

The clearest reason is simply that they consume more power. They have much larger, brighter, higher-resolution AMOLED screens. Faster processors, more powerful graphics, and more RAM. The larger screen on its own takes a big toll on potential battery life.

Thinner and Thinner Phones

Phones have also been getting thinner and thinner over time. The original iPhone released in 2007 was 0.46 inches thick. On the other hand, Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone XS, shaves off about 40% of that, at 0.30 inches thick.

While the thinner form factor makes modern phones sleeker, easier to hold, and more pocketable, they also leave less room for the internals of a phone. To compensate, manufacturers include smaller-sized batteries.

Deteriorating Over Time

If you’ve owned a smartphone for more than two years, you probably already know that lithium-ion batteries eventually deteriorate. Although they are rechargeable, they only retain their max capacity for a limited number of cycles. Smartphone batteries stay “fresh” anywhere from one to three years depending on use.

Concerned about identity theft – here are some tips:

Shred bills and bank statements – everything

The same people that check mail boxes will check rubbish bins too. They are looking for bank statements, utility bills, old loyalty or government cards (Medicare), envelopes, packages and letters with your name and address on them, signatures, credit card slips etc. They are also looking for airline boarding passes, upmarket brand packages, delivery dockets etc.

Lock your real-world physical mailbox at the front gate!

This type of theft is still common today. A paper bank statement, phone or utility bill is almost all it takes to help get the 100 points of ID to set up an account or change an existing one. Cybercriminals often hire people to trawl the suburbs looking for mailbox gems.Install a lock on your mailbox and check your mail regularly. In a recent survey 18% of people said that a primary type of ID was stolen during a home break in. Cybercriminals pay big bucks for original documents.

A Netflix tip

Netflix have launched Smart Downloads on Android , Apple devices & Windows The feature essentially automated downloads on Netflix so that you never have to wait for something to download when you are on the go.

Smart Downloads automatically downloads the next episode for a show you are watching once you finish the current episode. Once downloaded, Netflix automatically removes the previously downloaded episodes, making more space available for future downloads. This way, Netflix automatically does all the work for your downloads so you can keep watching shows without having to worry about manually downloading them or deleting the episodes to make space for new ones.


I will be at the Telstra Store Mt Barker between 9 – 1.00pm and the Telstra Store Murray Bridge between 1.30 – 5 on the 8th March for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch