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Richard Pascoe - Time Consuming Selfies

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Digital health – the buzz word of the last half of 2018

On This Week In Technology-2008

Google Chrome was first announced

Google Chrome has had a major impact on not just web browsers, but also the computing industry as a whole. Countless browsers and applications use Chrome's Blink engine, including Opera, Steam, Samsung Internet

The 60 Minutes Gaming Story

  • During the story, we met a series of parents, most of which have their own issues, that struggled to get their kids off games. These same parents paid for the game, for the console, for the TV and who continue to pay each month for the internet connection their kids use to play online.
  • The struggle often comes from a generation of parents who didn’t grow up with video games and look at the issue from outside, who don’t understand it and often try to ban it, or artificially restrict it.
  • What was not covered in the story, was the amazing benefits that gaming offers, like learning collaboration, team work and how socialising online is just the modern method of talking with friends at night. Where gaming  crosses the line is where the child isn’t engaging at any level with family, with friends or particularly when they are absent from school.
  • If your child knows internet goes off at 8PM each night, they won’t bother committing to their friends that they’ll be on till 10PM, because they know it’s technically not possible. This can only happen with open communication about why you’re limiting access and discussions around when those restrictions will be lifted (i.e. certain age or maturity level). 
  • Raising kids isn’t easy, but parents should never forget, you ultimately have control over how that happens in your home. The answer will never be to go on TV and get a TV doctor to come up with a fake diagnosis about how your kid has killed their brain and there’s nothing you can do about it.

When you split up with a partner

Not all relationships last forever and many will share their passwords with their partners in life.So what do you do when things go wrong and your partner has known all your passwords and logins for your devices and accounts.

  • You should change passwords on the following :
  • Email accounts / Social media
  • Gmail if you are an Android user / Apple ID if you are an iPhone user
  • Change your security questions for any account
  • Check to make sure that your phone number is used for 2 factor authentication
  • Your partners name is not being used for a contact
  • Also in many cases if the split has not gone well you may consider not using social media for a while and in fact asking your friends to not mention you on social media


  • Apparently, the average 20-something spends over 54 hours a year taking selfies on their smartphones. They also take between two and five photos before picking a winner, which helps to explain the aforementioned 54 hours.
  • Millennials will take over 26,000 selfies during their lifetime
  • Millennials post 9 selfies per week
  • Selfies are more popular on some platforms than others – Instagram only 4% are selfies
  • On average it takes 7 minutes to take a selfie