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Erin from Foxtel's Telly Goss - The Return of a Much Loved Game Show?


Erin's goss this week:

  • Australian Ninja Warrior is back! But after blitzing the ratings last year it hasn't quite made the mark it did during it's debut with less than a million people nationally tuning in for Sunday's second season ep. This comes as news that Nine are moving the production to Melbourne because filming on Sydney harbour at Cockatoo Island has become "too noisy". Infamous party boy, Corey Worthington, who made headlines for an out of control party in Melbourne 10 years ago is taking on the Ninja challenge tonight
  • The first season of Love Island might be over, but the rumoured $10 million production that was filmed in Spain has been worth it if you ask the Nine network, as they believe it broke the mould for multi-platform viewing in Australia. It's likely to be back for a second season
  • There are rumours swirling once again that Ten is looking to do a pilot of Sale of the Century, bringing back the variety quiz show. The last time it was on air was 2009
  • Foxtel has launched their "a new drama every week" campaign, which kicked off with Amy Adam's very dark drama Sharp Objects last night. Other dramas to screen in the coming weeks include the return of Suits and the next season of Orange is the New Black. If you're looking for another new drama, my current tip is Snowfall - starring two Aussie ex-pats Nic Bishop and Peta Sergant and created by the man behind Boyz N the Hood - it's set in in LA in the 1980s when cocaine dealing was at its height.
  • Seems like former Bachelorette Georgia Love is making headlines for all the wrong reasons again after she hosted Q&A sessions with winners in the Logies media room. People behind the scenes say she had a few diva tantrums during the event and was worried about bumping into her "ex" Matty J. She has since slammed the rumours saying "I can't believe I have to defend myself"

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