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Richard Pascoe - Adelaide Tech Guy - Up your Smart Phone Battery Life

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On this week in technology – 


Texas Instruments Inc. introduces the Speak & Spell, a talking educational toy for children. The device features the first electronic duplication of the human voice on a single chip of silicon. It transformed digital information processed through a filter into synthetic speech and could store more than 100 seconds of linguistic sounds.

Identity Theft – it could happen to you

  • As per my channel 7 news story about the man who lost his identity after a robbery and a telco let the thief sign up for an iPhone

Internet speed where do we rank in the world

  • The global average download speed is 45.48 Mbps. Uploads are a little under half that with other global average sitting at 22.18Mbps
  • Australia is ranked in 56th position with an average download speed of 30.53 Mbps. On the upside, we've improved from an average speed of 23.52 Mbps but our ranking has dropped two places in the last year.
  • Interestingly, when we look at mobile data speeds, we are ranked eighth with an average download speed of 50.38 Mbps. That list is topped by Norway with download speeds of 62.70 Mbps.

Battery Life on smartphones – lets get the most out of our batteries

  • Turn down screen brightness
  • Disable location and background app refresh for apps that don't need it
  • Stop closing your apps in multitasking - they are idle - not doing anything and opening them to close them down actually uses up more battery
  • Disable push notifications for email, Twitter and Facebook
  • In an area with no phone signal , turn on airplane mode as your phone will always be looking for a signal
  • iPhone- you can check the health of your battery in the settings
  • BTW wireless charging is great and will mean less damage can be done to the charging port – which many people break
  • You also cannot overcharge a modern smartphone – it knows when it is charged

ZZ Plug

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