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Carolyn from Foxtel's Telly Goss - Bachelor's Happily Ever After


Carolyn's goss this week:

Anthony Bourdain death – We suffered a big loss to the entertainment world over the weekend, with the death of Anthony Bourdain. The revered celebrity chef and TV personality was best known for his Parts Unknown series, in which he travelled the world exploring cultures and cuisine. The 61-year-old took his own life while filming the series in France.

Bachelor wedding – In happier news, inaugural Bachelor couple Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich have finally made it official, tying the knot in an exquisite ceremony in Italy on Friday. Now, I love this couple, they’re so cool and fun – and in keeping with their style, they threw an epic ‘afterparty’ pool party for friends and family the day after! Judging by the number of photos they’ve posted to social media in the last few days, they turned down a very lucrative magazine exclusive, which again is very them, and I applaud that.

Logies news – In some Logies news, English singer Jess Glynne has been confirmed as the first performer, while comedian Dave Hughes will return to open the show once again. TV WEEK Editor Thomas Woodgate has also revealed that he hopes to have one dedicated host in the future, much like the Academy Awards have, so that’s interesting and definitely something to look forward to.

Game of Thrones prequel ordered – Game of Thrones fans will be overjoyed at the news that HBO has officially ordered a pilot for a GoT prequel. Now this is the first of five being pitched, so it’s safe to say that the wonderful world of Westeros will be around for many years to come, well past 2019’s series finale. Now while we don’t know a whole lot of detail about this prequel, we do know it’s set thousands of years before Game of Thrones, so sadly it doesn’t appear that any of our beloved characters will return for this one, but as I said there are many others in the works, so hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Jon Snow or Daenerys.

Vanderpump Rules engagement – Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright got engaged over the weekend, much to the shock of just about everyone! Anyone who watched the most recent season of Lisa Vanderpump’s spin-off show will remember what a rocky season the couple had, including breaking up in spectacular style. However, come the reunion, they were back together. Now, it seems Jax has finally stepped up to the plate, putting a huge rock on her finger. Of course, it was all captured on camera, so expect to see it all play out when season seven airs on Arena, hopefully later this year .

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