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Richard Pascoe - Adelaide Tech Guy - The Latest Apple Announcements

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On this week in technology – 1984 - Tetris is Born

Alexey Pajitnov first releases the game Tetris in the USSR. Tetris will become one of the most popular puzzle video games of all time.

Ironically, Pajitnov himself was not able to make any money on Tetris for years because as an employee for the Soviet government, the Soviet State ended up owning the rights. It was only when the rights reverted from the old Soviet government to Pajitnov and he moved to the US in 1996 that he was able to form a company and collect royalties. Then he went on to work for Microsoft

Did Apple announce anything that excited me

  • No hardware announcements - booooo

  • iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads will be out in about Sept when we see the new iPhones

  • Performance - Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on performance in iOS 12, particularly on older devices, increasing performance on those iPhones and iPads by as much as 40% and you will be able to install it to iPhone 6 and up
  • Do Not Disturb- Apple is fine-tuning the Do Not Disturb experience, adding Do Not Disturb at Bedtime, which offers a minimal notifications experience that won't disturb you at night, and will only gently nudge you in the morning. You can also now automate Do Not Disturb based on events or locations.
  • Screen Time offers detailed breakdowns of how you spend your time on your devices. See how long you spend in apps, how often you pick up your phone, and how much time you spend responding to notifications. You can also set App Limits, which you can set to limit your use of specific apps. Your limits are synced across devices( macs , iPads ), and parents can see the device activity of their kids, and they can create allowances, including setting when you want your kids to put down their iPhones or iPads or allowing access to certain content at certain times.
  • And animojis can recognise tongues – let the jokes commence

Buying a laptop – why the choice of hard drive is important

  • We used to buy laptops with the old traditional spinning hard drive
  • Many choose these for storage on the laptops but they are a lot slower than the new solid state drives
  • Most never use the full capacity of the drive – they are buying a size of drive they will never fill
  • The solid state drives are far quicker for whatever you do and tend to last longer

Let a tech support scammer log onto your computer – you may be filmed

  • This is a common scam technique, but the techsupport csammers seems to have taken it a step farther and ask people to read a script that appeared on the screen, claiming they are pleased with the service. Unbeknownst to them, they were accessing the camera, and recorded the statement. The group then reportedly uploaded the video to YouTube along with the videos of 68 other victims - a chorus of fake testimonials recommending the service.

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