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Richard Pascoe - Adelaide Tech Guy - Smart Phones... Who's buying what?

Richard Pascoe

On This Week In Technology

First Internet Domain Registered - 1985
The first Internet domain symbolics.com is registered by Symbolics, a Massachusetts computer company.

My personal experience with the NBN

Let's deal with call centres that call you

Can I speak to ( you know your name ) but tell that its Richard – this seems to put them off
I am from Windows and there is an issue with your computer putting out secret , hidden malware to the internet
But I have Norton, how can this be so ….

Do I need an antivirus for my smartphone?

In a word ….. no
Iphones – you can only download from the app store – that safeguards you
Updates come down on a regular basis – that safeguards you
If you do install one it cannot actually scan your device – it will however notify where your phone is – notify you about websites – tell you when there is an ios update
Android – up to date devices – get your apps from the Google Play store and keep it up to date

Smartphone sales in Australia – in 2017

Who is buying what ?
Android – nearly 1.4 million handsets up 9.7% on last year
Apple – nearly 1.8 million handsets up 14.5% on last year
Windows phones 45 – yes 45 – units

Come and meet me this Friday at the Telstra Store Mt Barker – I will be there from 9 – 4.30

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