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Richard Pascoe - What on Earth are Cryptokitties?

Richard Pascoe

On This Week In Technology - 
1998 - You’ve Got Mail came out
Chock full of tech references – Tom Hanks was Windows – Meg Ryan was Apple – highlighted email

Subject:In case the lights go off again this Christmas – not that it would happen in SA !

  • External Battery for iPhones / smartphones – starts at about $30
  • Apps – Alert SA – setup a watch zone so you will get reports of say Power Outages , Fire , Road Closures
  • Extend battery life on your device
    • Turn down the screen
    • Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi
    • Turn off email
  • UPS – an uninterruptable power supply which will allow your computer and modem to still function for a while

Subject : What are Cryptokittys- a sign you should stay clear of cryptocurrency

  • CryptoKitties, dubbed the next big cryptocurrency – has been available for a couple of weeks
  • Players can buy and sell virtual cats for as much as $10,000, in a bid make hundreds of thousands more in real value.
  • Users purchase their collectable kitties with Ethereum, and then breed them to create more kitties.
  • Each cat has its own set of genes, uniquely coded as “Cattributes”. Users will make more money if their cat’s genes are appeasing to other players.
  • The players can make two of their own kitties breed a third, or they can pay another user to mate with theirs – if they’re looking for particular characteristics.
  • But the kittens have a cool down period, restricting how fast they can make new ones, in a bid to limit inflation.

Subject :Last minute Christmas ideas

  • Batteries
  • Instructions – assembling anything on Christmas eve or Christmas day requires pre planning – download instructions from the internet
  • For some devices if you are going somewhere on Christmas day that doesn’t have internet but they get a device that requires internet – get ready for the alarm bells

Remember Telstra from 24 to 26 December, we’ll be offering free local and national calls, plus standard calls to mobiles, from Telstra home phones and our 16,000+ payphones located across the country. Plus, Australians will also be able to hook up to free Wi-Fi at selected Telstra Air public hotspots.

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