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New show Jam LIVE ready to expose the best in SA music

New Adelaide music TV show Jam LIVE is “designed to get people excited about live music”

Do you love to get along to gigs? Who was the last artist you discovered? Here in Adelaide, we have such an awesome music scene but whether its time, money or just the fact that we haven't heard about them, there are many artists and bands that remain undiscovered. That's why the concept of Jam LIVE is so brilliant. Hosted by Shanelle Franklin, this locally produced new series is diving in to the local music scene, capturing footage from live gigs and interviewing the latest upcoming acts. The series will feature both local and touring interstate acts and already boasts a lineup which includes Regurgitator, Dean Lewis, San Cisco, Boo Seeka, West Thebarton and more! Shanelle caught up with Kristel and Damon to talk about the new series and the joy of finding your new favourite act! Check out the podcast below!

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Jam LIVE premieres on Channel 9 and 9Now on Saturday at 4:30pm

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