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Just how far can Todd Sampson push his body?

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Ever wanted to head into the Amazon Jungle to eat sloth, get lost in the dark, have holes burned into your arm and get purposely poisoned by a frog? No?! Lets say you acutally DID want that, can you think about the hurdles you'd need to jump through to make that happen?! It's mind boggling - which makes what Todd Sampson is doing on Bodyhack 2.0 in order to investigate the limitations of the human body even more remarkable. Catching up with Kristel and Damon on The Power Pack, Todd talks about what is on the line when he's out making TV, champions his strong-willed wife Naomi and gives us his 'simple' tips for hacking our own bodies (in a positive way!). Check out the podcast below!

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Todd Sampson's Body Hack 2.0 continues Thursday 8:30pm on Channel 10. You can also catch up at tenplay

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