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MEME Monday 4/3

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Another big week full of Oscars, Pokémon announcements and boredom on Twitter has spat out a couple of interesting memes this week:

Pokémon Memes
With world Pokémon day last week, the announcement of 2 new mainline games (‘Pokémon Sword’ and ‘Pokémon Shield’), along with a new trailer for ‘Detective Pikachu, it was a great day for lovers of the media franchise, but it also gave memer’s a great wealth of content to play with…
Including this comparison from one Pokémon to the Philadelphia Flyers mascot:

This comparison from the starter Pokémon to the Power Puff Girls:

…and the unofficial third game in the series:


Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
After the palpable performance from these 2 at the Oscars, the rumour-mill is going into overdrive a week later, but perhaps running a touch faster is the memer-mill! Particularly by taking one screen capture of the gaze between the 2 stars with overlayed text in relatable situations:

Along with this comparison with Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper behind the keys in ‘Wet Hot American Summer’:


Strong Bunny / Little Bunny
These ASCII memes seem to keep rolling around each week with another illustration for you to caption, which is making me wonder who’s actually creating them? Another simple concept which is lending itself very nicely to those with anxiety:

And those who love being the little spoon every now and again:


BONUS MEME – Distracted by Jack Black
For those that are unaware, Jack Black is making videos on YouTube and currently has around subscribers. In a recent vlog, this screen capture was noticed to be very similar to an existing meme format.

Distracted Jack Back

 Distracted Boyfriend

It will only be a matter of time before the whole format collapses and becomes purely Jack Black.