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MEME Monday 25/2

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Another week, another bunch of memes that we'll forget by next week!

Things couples should own
A tweet from Abdul Dremali last week started picking up attention on twitter, when he asked the innocent question:

And while the initial responses were a mixture of people arguing the correct amount and types of towels one should own, it evolved into lists of things couples should own, in general:

As a couple you should own a minimum of the following:
• A plan for tonight’s dinner
• Emergency chocolate
• Regular chocolate
• Enough clothes that you don’t have to do the washing too often
• A handful of memes to show each other
• Access to water (hydration is important)


Slap a Chicken
Thank GOODNESS for the reddit thread “No Stupid Questions” because a question that really was stupid has been asked and answered! That question being “If kinetic energy is converted into thermal energy, how hard do I have to slap a chicken to cook it?”

How to cook a chicken

Armed with this new-found information, the internet took off in brilliant fashion, giving us these gems:



So who’s having slapped chicken for dinner tonight?


Let Me In
Possibly the best meme of 2019 (so far) has come around this week in the form of a 2016 clip from season 4 of The Eric Andre Show. The tiny snippet being used is as Eric bangs on the a metal fence outside the Democratic National Convention screaming “LET ME IN”!

Why has a 2016 clip resurfaced in 2019 to become a meme? No one really, knows, but the results have been HILARIOUS!