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Turn your camera lens into a MACRO lens!

Photography hack

Lately I've been trying to get back into photography and was recenly inspired by a YouTube video from New York based photographer Brandon Woelfel:

As far as I have been taught, it's a BIG no-no to take the lens off the body of the camera for an extended period of time for a number of reasons (the main being to save the sensor from dust and humidity). However, this was a technique I just HAD to try.

All you need to do to achieve this effect is:

  1. Set the focal length of your lens to infinity
  2. Turn the camera off
  3. Detach the lens and flip it around
  4. Turn the camera body on

TIP: You may find it easier to use the 'live view' on the back of the camera while shooting this way

For those with Nikon 'G' lenses, like myself, you may find that you have to hold down a spring trigger so the apparture ring opens up. This caused me a LOT of confusion initially, but once I worked it out, I started getting incredibly detailed, macro photos like the following:

Marco KeyFob

A 'New Zealand' keyring

Marco KeyFob

The 'Bailey Nelson' logo on my glasses

Marco KeyFob

The Key Fob for my car

You can also hold the lens the correct way infront of your camera to get a tilt-shift style effect with cool light leaks where the lens is detached from the body. It might take a while to get right, but the results are beautiful - and once you've done it a few times, the initially awkward feeling is easier to control.

If you're still not 110% sure what I'm on about - here's a 2 minute guide from YouTuber, Peter McKinnon: