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MEME Monday 18/2

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Welcome along to another week of Meme Monday – the article that aims to get you up to date with the latest memes so you can have a better relationship with your kids, or be the most ‘in the know’ at your next dinner party (unless that’s a few weeks away – then you’re screwed)

Valentine's Day Memes

Of course, the big V-Day was only 4 days ago (can you believe it?) and it spurted many different reactions and plent of memes (including the ever popular versions of ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue…’), however to one that took the cake this year was the: Give her what she really wants this Valentine’s Day, meme. That’s right! Just by suggesting something outlandish, people all across the world got a mild chuckle this past week – here’s some examples:


It's actually true! I got my wife Racoons and she loved them!


Of course we all know that ASCII stands for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange”, however we know it better as “picture made with symbols.” This week, twitter folk have been using it to create a picture of a steaming tea cup with the *‘latest hot goss’ printed on the front.

*latest hot goss quickly became ‘whatever stupid quote you want to put there’. Case and point:


Blue Will Smith

Ah yes, while we were blessed with a peak into Frozen 2 last week, we also got a teaser trailer for the live action version of Aladdin, featuring the highly controversial Will Smith portraying the genie. Along with that teaser, a lot of the world have been on only questioning the choice of actor, but also the entire history of CGI if it was only going to come to this…