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MEME Monday 11/2

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DISCLAIMER – we are not condoning any of the following that you may find offensive, merely reporting on what the internet is finding humorous this week.

Airport Security vs. Water
When was the last time you went on a flight and had to go through that rigorous security process? It’s caught me before, when I didn’t have my liquids in a zip lock back so I had to empty the entire contents of my bag there so they could check everything (to my embarrassment). What is it with Airport Security and water? Whether it’s just struck someone, or everyone at once – it’s spawned some pretty good memes.

MemeMonday Airport Security

MemeMonday Airport Security


My Time Has Come
From the wonderful movie ‘Kung Foo Panda,’ this poignant screenshot from the film, where Master Oogway comes to the realization that his time on Earth is done, what started as a quote that could come after a funny statement fell into the hands of the internet. The trend being to block out letters, making the letter spell different things and hence change the meaning.

MemeMonday My Time Has Come

MemeMonday My Time Has Come 2


21 Savage is British
The rapper known as 21 Savage is based in Atlanta, but it recently came out when he was arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for allegedly outstaying his VISA, that he originally was born in the UK! The internet has reacted in brilliant fashion, now that we have context for why 21 Savage is the way he is.

MemeMonday 21Savage