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NEW Messenger option could save you embarrassment!


Have you ever been a bit ‘trigger happy’ in Facebook Messenger and sent something you didn’t mean to? Or maybe you hit send on something saucy, only to realise it was to Mum and not your other half – eek!

Well these issues may have just been solved with an update from Facebook, which now allows you to “unsend” a message, which will remove it from the conversation (even with multiple people)!

Before you start your celebrations, there are a couple of hang ups:
• it will only work if the other person (people) haven’t seen the message yet
• you can only remove a message within 10 minutes of sending it
• the other person (people) will see a placeholder notice, saying that you removed a message


You can try this right now! Just tap and hold on one of your messages in a conversation until the “remove” button comes up. You then have an option to remove for just you, or everyone in the conversation.

Is this really going to help though? Probably not. Unless you’ve sent an embarrassing message or picture late at night when the recipient is asleep, and you have the common sense in your 10 minute window to get rid of it!

Otherwise you end up in a situation similar to the plot of the movie Road Trip...or you could just delete your existance on the platform.

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So thanks for the remove message button Facebook Messenger! Hopefully none of us actually need to use it!