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BOOK REVIEW – Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline


How are you News Year Resolutions going? I made one to read more. It started well, but to be fair, has slowed down in the past couple of weeks since being back at work.

However, in the time that I was reading every (other) day, I did manage to complete a book – Ready Player One. I’d been meaning to read this from around the time the trailer for the movie came out. I thought ‘this is a book I need to read before seeing the movie’. My wife ended up tracking down the book after a sloppy search by myself, and even though I had it in my hands for around ¾ of 2018…I didn’t even read the first page. By Jan 5th of 2019 though, I had sped my way through the whole thing.

So, the TL/DR: Set in a dystopian future with many world problems, many people escape reality in ‘The OASIS’, a virtual reality world co-created by James Halliday and Ogden Morrow. When Halliday passes away, he message is sent to all OASIS users, saying his entire fortune will go to someone who can find the Easter Egg hidden within the virtual world. We follow a school student and orphan, Wade Watts in his quest through many 80s themed challenges to win the prize. It’s not so straight forward, with a corporation Innovative Online Industries (IOI) doing whatever it takes to win, and several other Egg Hunters (Gunters) doing exactly the same thing.

Even though this book had several 80’s references which went right over my head, I still really enjoyed the adventure. Not to mention, I had my phone right beside me and could Google anything I wasn’t sure on. The story development is brilliant and kept me wanting more after every chapter. Some of challenges were described as taking hours, which I found hard to wrap my head around when those hours were described within a page or two. Other than that, I really enjoyed the book. I both want to read Ernst Cline’s other book (Armada), and watch the movie.


Here's the movie trailer: