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Bachelor Rapid Recap Rap - Episode 13


If you happened to miss the Bachelor last night, or would just like to catch up before tonight's episode, check out this rapid recap rap.


Last chance to impress before home town visits, and might I say, everyone looks exquisite!
All dolled up like it’s 1950, for a new twist on dating quickly.
If you can knock the pins over with a whack, you’ll score time with bachie in this vintage Cadillac.

Brooke’s up first and she bowls a strike, while all the other girls just seem to feel like;
“She’s got a strong connection and all this single time, I just want the Honey Badger to be mine!”
So before long the girls ban together and cheat, to make sure Brooke gets off the back seat.
Speed dating continues and it’s strikes galore, maybe they should have installed a revolving door.

Osher turns up to say “blowing lanes have closed, letters to our future selves, we will now compose."
Dasha broke down and began to cry, because in 10 years her son will be 25.
At this point Nick starts to contemplate, if he should send Dasha back to Adelaide.
Brittany’s humourous letter breaks though, so Nick takes her to grab some fondue.
They have a chat, but no rose is given, things are heating up in this competition.

Final single date was won by Sophie, skating on ice, can they stay on their feet?
The cold game of hockey turns to heat, even though our boy nick could not be beat,
Sophie still scored a bonus treat, with a midnight swim at the bachelor’s suite!
Sophie’s bikini doesn’t leave much to hide, at least she’s not taking it down a waterslide!

The next night girls are all in their gowns, time to kick out 2 more, before home towns,
Emily and Dasha – this is your exile, on the way out, could you please hide your smile?

Tonight, we’ll see the tables turn, as each girl’s family list their concerns.
But until next week we’ll leave a little gap, before updating you again with another rapid recap rap.