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Bachelor Rapid Recap Rap - Episode 11


If you happened to miss the Bachelor last night, or would just like to catch up before tonight's episode, check out this rapid recap rap.


Have I tuned in on the wrong night or time or? Cause the forward sell is makes it look like Survivor!
No it’s true, we’re at episode eleven, which promises to send Cassie into Bachie heaven.

Osher’s date card reveals that it’s the truth, Cass has got a date without the rest of the group.
The honey badger picks her up on a school bus, no if or buts, no fuss or coconuts!
They head off to wet n wide in Sydney, before long Cass is in a skimpy bikini.
Before that they take the sky coaster for a ride, it seemed to malfunction but it turns out nick had lied.
He had set it up for Cass as a bit of a stitchie, carn bachie your funny, but you’re not another Fitzy!
The two use waterslides the whole afternoon, until a chat, on a couch, lit by the moon.
Cass wants to know how Nick is feeling, and his answer left her internally squealing.
He gives her a rose and also a pash, and that’s a wrap on a perfect date for Cass.

All the girls come along to the group date, where they do a commando course, carrying weights.
Because some physicality will be required, Jamie-lee and her moon boot sit it out by the fire.
Mud, sweat and tears get us through the course, while relationship quality’s are reinforced.

Dasha scores herself the bonus time, but suddenly she’ll need to learn to mime!
There’s an awkward silence, barely a word is uttered! Oh dear, oh no Dasha! Your days are numbered!

But don’t worry because come rose ceremony, home goes the one on the group date who was lonely,
It was nice to meet you, honestly, Jamie-lee, but we won’t be seeing you again next week.

Now you’re prepped for ep number 12! At 7:30 tonight, into it we will delve.
And if you want to catch up next week in a snap, we’ll do it again with another rapid recap rap.