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Bachelor Rapid Recap Rap - Episode 9


If you happened to miss the Bachelor last night, or would just like to catch up before tonight's episode, check out this rapid recap rap.


Nick got rid of Romy, Cat and bad girls last time, so now we enter calmly into episode 9.

Before we know it Osher’s walking through the courtyard, holding in his hand another single date card.
Brittany’s going on the first “second date”, some girls haven’t had a single, but they’ll just have to wait.

We follow Bachie and Brittany as they embark, on a trip to Sydney wildlife park!
The honey badger seems to feel right at home, introducing the koalas with names like “Wayno”,
Brittany sees lizards, kangas, snakes in her frock, before then feeding a 4 meter croc!
Things slow down for a chat about feelings, rose and a kiss follow usual proceedings.

On the group date we meet an FBI agent, who will help find the girl who’s next hittin the pavement.
Jamie-Lee hobbles in with her moon boot, and sits down as the first to be interviewed.
We go through each girl one by one, until their interrogation time is done.
Deanna goes through the process very seriously, answering questions super mysteriously!
The only thing revealed is that Cassie LOVES Nick, thanks FBI man, we knew that, we’re not thick!
Although he did reveal Brooke has something she’s hiding, before the show is done, the answer she’s providing;

“In the past I’ve been with guys and also with ladies”, “Thanks for sharing that information with me matey,
My feelings for you haven’t changed after the fact”, my number 1 couple is back on track!
Rose ceremony, Deanna, bye bye! You wasted this group date trying not to lie!

Girls down to 9, episode up to 10, 7:30 tonight, bachies back again.
But if your plans for watching it, you need to scrap, We’ll catch you up next week with another rapid recap rap.