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Bachelor Rapid Recap Rap - Episode 7


If you happened to miss the Bachelor last night, or would just like to catch up before tonight's episode, check out this rapid recap rap.


Let’s rip into the 7th episode, and find out whose next to be hittin the road,
Hang on, is this Pirates of the Caribbean? Because they appear to be playing the theme!

Kicking things off is a group date, 3 new girls are attending, increasing heart rates.
It’s true, so now here come the intruders, stock standard move there, by the producers.
All 3 girls appear to be brunette, proving those producers cast a slim net!
First is Deanna, then Jaime-Lee, and finally we add a second Brittany!

The group plays netball, while on a moon hopper, fun becomes to war and soon we need a doctor!
Turns out Jamie-lee has rolled her ankle, the other girls think that she’s playing up the angle.

Tenille gets a single date, she’s looking to hitchhike, so in drops the Honey Badger on his motorbike
The date takes place out with a bee keeper, not the place to take her if off her feet you want to sweep her
Let’s count the honey mentions in 1,2,3: Badger, comb, mead, moon and of course bees!
After lots of banta and a little thinkin’, Tenille gets a rose and they end up kissin’.

At the cocktail party things fire up, when Romy once again decides it’s time to interrupt.
"You told us on the first date you wouldn’t kiss, but now you’re telling everyone you did, miss".
Tenille rebuts, "What I can’t change my mind? When we’re in a situation where dating’s streamlined?"
But miss can’t be wrong won’t let it go, so instead Tenille attempts to leave the show!
Producers chase her down, babe, babe, babe, wait! It’s dark, not safe, babe, come back babe!
After all that Tenille comes back to the mansion, taking away Romy’s satisfaction.

Rose time, bye bye Rhiannon and Ashlea, leaving originals questioning the actions of Bachie,
"All 3 intruders safe for another week? They better watch their backs, while they sleep!"

More drama will ensue tonight on channel 10, 7:30 is the time, you can catch it then.
So until next week I’ll tip my cap, and catch you then for another rapid recap rap.