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Bachelor Rapid Recap Rap - Episode 5


If you happened to miss the Bachelor last night, or would just like to catch up before tonight's episode, check out this rapid recap rap.


Time to recap batchie episode 5, where nick got closer to finding his bride.
We open on a beach and some slow mo running, just to remind us that the honeybadger’s stunning.
The single date ends up going to Sophie, she wants to open up and score a rose as a trophy.
It’s all done and dusted relatively quick, there’s protective gear, a boat, rose and a kiss.

On the group date we hear that quirky music, ensuring activities will be amusing 😉
Next thing in walks bachies family, while the girls all stand, lined up anxiously,
At the end of the day, there will be one winner, And they will get to join the Cummins clan for dinner,
To summarise the next bit, chitty chitty, chat Chitty chitty chat chat, chitty chat chat.
Cass knows nick’s brother, thickening the plot, Romy dishes dirt within Blair’s earshot.
Brooke snags the bonus time and comes along for tea, can we call it now? She has the heart of Bachie

The cocktail party turns into a nightmare, when Romy brings up her drama with Blair,
"You happened to hear what I said behind Cass’ back, and repeated it later to some of the pack"
Pretty rude considering Blair was a bystander, she became a victim of Romy's doubles standards.

Rose ceremony, turns out going home is Blair, after all that drama it seemed a touch unfair.
That’s you done up to episode 6, tonight, balloons, camping and other Bachie tricks
Don’t worry if you miss it, next week we’ll be back, to update you with another rapid recap rap.