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Mel Dee & The Big C

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My friend Mel Dee has the Big C.

Several years ago she had a tumor removed from her liver. Last year, she had a hysterectomy after doctors found cancerous cells in her uterus. Now, she's been diagnosed with two new liver tumors and a most cringeworthy cancer... of the rectum.

Mel has the best sense of humour and she'll tell you straight up what a 'pain in the ass' having this kind of cancer is, but the reality is, having cancer is expensive.

In the next 12 months Mel is facing 2 surgeries and several rounds of both chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Hear her talk about it here...

She's already used up sick leave and annual leave having a hysterectomy, now she's facing a year of little to no income as she battles the disease while her husband also takes time off to take care of her. She has a teenage son still at home and with a mortgage to pay, she came to me asking for help to sell something very close to her heart to help take the pressure off... her wedding dress.

This dress was a labour of love in its design, Mel spent time with Adelaide designer Liza Emanele going over all the details. She talked it through with her Mother in Law to be and it was almost ready to go, when her Mother in Law was diagnosed with Leaukaemia and given just weeks to live.

With time running out, Mel grabbed something off the rack so she and her husband could get married in front of her before she passed away. She died never having seen the dress they had spent so much time creating.

This dress has a lot of emotional meaning for Mel and while she says she's fine to sell it on, she'd really love to see it do more than make a few bucks to see them through.

We'd love to raise enough money for Mel to not worry about the medical bills for now, and instead use the dress to pay it forward to someone else also in a tough spot.

If you can help out, even if it's just a couple of dollars, please give a lady who has so much positivity and light shining from her she's the shiniest god damn unicorn in the room, a bit of a break from the Big C's expanding reach and hit up the Go Fund Me Page.


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