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Iconic 90s Aussie Commercials

180726 Iconic 90s Aussie Commercials

The 90's was a haven of creative commercials - many of which had tag lines, quotable moments and jingles that stick in our mind to this day!

Have a scroll through and see how many of these you remember, and let us know you other favourite we've missed!


Louie the fly has been on TV sreens since 1957, but he had a slight design update for 90's commercials.

Kraft Peanut Butter

This one sticks in my mind - I almost went off all peanut butters when I saw the oily, dripping Elvis character!

Ajax Spray 'N Wipe

A tune so iconic, the Living End have even covered it!


Iconic. Pure. Australian.


The theme has been updated these days, but still sticks in your head!

Don Ham and Shaved Meats

This commercial is so simple, yet I couldn't tell you how many times I've quoted "Is Don. Is Good".

The Good Guys

This was the first time we'd heard the Beach Boys parody and seen The Good Guys staff dancing while slashing prices.

Chicken Tonight

The bane of existence for any parent who asked their child what they felt like for dinner...

Pizza Hut

A simple tune that got the phone number in our heads! I can still recite it at any given time. It's ingrained in my brain!

Caramello Koala

You can't tell me that after watching this relaxed animation you don't want to race out to the stores and bulk buy some!


Back in the 90's they had the actors, not puppets!


An anthem we all came to associate with the airline brand.

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