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Forgotten Aussie 90's TV Shows

90s Aus TV Shows

Just the other day, YouTuber Christian Hull uploaded a video reminicing about old 90's TV shows, some of which may well have escaped your memory! Below is that video which will hopefully reach back into the deep, dark parts of your brain and pull out those memories once again.

Be warned though! Some of these shows might be cruder or darker than you remember!

So Christian mentions Plasmo, Lift Off, Trapdoor, Johnson & Friends, Mulligrubs, Mr Squiggle and Changing Rooms, but what other shows can you remember watching in the 90's?

Some I've pulled from the back of my mind include:

Ocean Girl

The Book Place


The Gift

Check out a young Peter Rosethorn!


If this doesn't sound familiar, check it out! I'm sure you'll remeber the screen with ticks and crosses!

Li'l Elvis and the Truckstoppers

Rumour has it that Rove McManus works on this show before becoming an entertainer!

Search the depths of you noggin! What other 90's TV Shows can you find?

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