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On This Day (May 18) during the 90's

\MAY 18

On This Day in the 90's


  • East and West Germany sign a monetary union treaty
  • In France, a modified TGV train achieves a new rail world speed record of 515.3 km/h


  • 27-year-old Helen Sharman becomes the first Briton in Space, as a passenger aboard the Soviet Soyuz TM-12


  • Jessica Watson born (Australian sailor)

  • KISS released the album "Alive III"


  • "Braveheart" directed by Mel Gibson and starring Mel Gibson and Sophie Marceau premieres at the Seattle Film Festival

  • Elizabeth Montgomery, actress (Bewitched), dies of cancer at 62


  • 41st Eurovision Song Contest: Eimear Quinn for Ireland wins singing "The Voice" in Oslo

  • Heavyweight boxer Tommy Morrison (27) married Dawn Freeman


  • The United States Department of Justice and 20 U.S. states file an antitrust case against Microsoft

Bill Gates - United States v. Microsoft.jpgBy United States Department of Justice (DOJ) The original uploader was Therealview at English Wikipedia - United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Public Domain, Link


  • "Millennium" 3rd studio album by Backstreet Boys is released

Millennium cover.jpgBy Source, Fair use, Link

...and THAT's what happend on May 18, during the 90's!

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