Baby Brown Snake discovered in Child's Lunchbox - Hahndorf

snake in lunchbox

Monday afternoon, the "Snake Catchers Adelaide" Facebook page posted this startling photo taken of a baby brown snake discovered inside a child's lunchbox! If you read through the comments on the Facebook post, it says this was in the Hahndorf area. You'll also learn there are many stories of snakes in our region at this time of year, and just how easily we could come across them!

Snake Catchers Adelaide are a licensed Professional snake catcher and removal service for areas of Adelaide, Hills and Fleurieu. They identified this baby snake as an Eastern Brown Snake, classed as the second most venomous land snake in the world and also the most common snake found in South Australia. Between September and May is their most active season.

Baby eastern brown snakes are just as poisonous as their parents but they do not look intimidating. All baby venomous snakes are born with venom ready to inject. As part of natures natural instincts to survive, baby snakes are on full alert and defense at all times and this includes injecting a full amount of venom if they feel threatened. 

If you come across a snake - Do not attempt to remove or kill a snake yourself.
97% of human snake bite cases are due to people trying to interfere with the snake. Snakes are a native animal and are protected in Australia. It is illegal to harm or kill a snake and it’s environmentally damaging. They serve a purpose – just like you!

If you have a snake in you’re backyard, home or workplace…..
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