Greyhound Adoption Program extends to Mobilong Prison

You.Me.6WeeksPrisoners at Mobilong Prison outside of Murray Bridge now have the opportunity to foster retired greyhounds and learn new life skills, thanks to the expansion of the Greyhound Adoption Program.

The program was launched in the Adelaide Women’s Prison in 2015, and since then more than 100 dogs have been re-trained and re-homed.

Prisoners who are nominated for this program foster a greyhound for an eight to ten week period, helping the dog transition from its racing career to becoming domesticated.

Prisoners are also given the opportunity to engage in a Certificate 2 in Animal Studies as they undertake this training.

The Greyhound Adoption Program is a not for profit initiative of Greyhound Racing SA, dedicated to finding homes for both retired and non-racing greyhounds.

Greyhounds entering the program come from racing kennels and are either retired racing greyhounds or greyhounds that didn’t quite cut it as a racing greyhound.

Prisoners train the dogs to walk gently on a lead in addition to toilet training, food manners, general handling, brushing, and bathing.

Mobilong prison now has seven handlers and seven trainee handlers in the program.

To date, more than 100 greyhounds have graduated the prison integrated GAP program and been rehomed.

You can foster or adopt a greyhound too!
Find out more and contact the Greyhound Adoption Program of SA here!

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The South Australian Greyhound Adoption Program is the most successful of its kind nationally. GRSA now allocates $1.5 million annually towards resourcing, and initiatives such as the Mobilong partnership, to drive full rehoming opportunities for all greyhounds beyond racing. No controlling body for racing in any state returns a greater proportion of its revenue into welfare and rehoming than GRSA.

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