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It's really YOUR 2018 - 10 actions to take, to make this true!

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How was 2017 for you?

Did you kick the goals you needed to? Are you happy with how it went? Were you in the driver's seat or passenger seat of your own life?

Now is a good time to reflect and look back at the year that was! 

I've heard a lot of people say how bad 2017 was for them and I think depending on what you are focusing on we could all say that. But what's the point in sitting in that thought, unless you are going to learn from it and make the necessary changes for next year?

I've DECIDED 2018 is going to be MY year and I believe the Universe supports me in that thought. Actually, I believe the universe will support me in any of my thoughts, good or I might as well choose good!

From any thought needs to come ACTION otherwise it will remain just a thought. So how do you do that?

There are so many different ways to bring into your life ANYTHING you desire. Here's a few ideas

  1. Vision boards are great if you are a visual person. Simply cut out pictures, words anything really that symbolizes your desire and pin it up where you will see it every day. When you look at it do so with joy! Picture yourself having your desires just as you've pictured them NOW! Draw them into your reality. I have a friend who manifested Oprah coming to her house for dinner by using her vision board!
  2. Verbal people, like me, really need to talk about their desires as if they are here now or on their way right now. I do this all the time! When I've wanted a new car for example I've noticed the model and make on the road and I've said "YES...there's my new car" as I've driven past it! I feel so happy when I've seen it and I KNOW it's mine and will arrive soon. I'll even talk about it like. "We will have more room in our new car", "Our new car will give us so much freedom"...all the while keeping it positive and fun! I also visted it at Car Dealerships. Sitting in it, even test driving it before I knew how I'd buy it! 
  3. Be very clear as to what you want. Just like the car example, you need to know what make and model you want, even choose a colour! Wishy washy desires create wishy washy results.
  4. Share with EVERYONE your desires! There are some strange fear based thinkers out there who believe that if you tell people your dreams it will some how diminsh them. I say rubbish to that! The more people that are also visualizing you with something you love, doing what you love etc the stronger the vibration and the faster it will come to you!
  5. Remember there is more than enough for us all! If you want something in your life it's also perfectly fine and lovely for someone else to want the exact same thing as you. We do not live in a limited world, we live in an abundant world and all that we desire can be ours if we focus on that being the case. So go get it!
  6. Sit in gratitude every day! Be aware of all the loviness you already have and send out vibes of love and appreciation.
  7. Know this, money is just energy like anything else. It's as easy to manifest $1 as it is $1,00,000. Also, like energies attract like energies. Money for fun or "play money" as I like to call it likes to be around fun, playful people. Fearful thoughts and feelings of lack will attract more of the same. So BE the energy you'd like to attract!
  8. Believe that the Universe is FOR you not against you! If you don't belive that than sorry, my mistake, you'll be absolutely right!
  9. If things are a struggle for you right now may I suggest you DECIDE that next year will be different. Don't do the same things again next year that clearly haven't worked for you this year. Make a list or journal of what you'd like to change and choose an action that will take you into the direction that you'd like to move towards. For example If you aren't as healthy as you'd like to be, decide on how you'd like to be and visualize yourself like it now! What are you doing to be that way? Are you exercising? Ditching the sugar? Seeing a health proffessional about your issue? There's your new actions for 2018. Doing these WILL change the results.    
  10. Stay away from people who don't want to support you in any of this. You don't need their negative energy slowing it all down. Their belief doesn't need to be yours. Let them have their negative say if they wish, thank them for their concerns and don't give their thoughts any energy. Keep your own counsel, remember they cannot change your thoughts unless you let them! 

On a personal note, I've spent 2017 healing from Cancer. I've still got treatments to go through and more surgery in 2018, but I know these actions are leading me to the perfect health I visualize for myself. I'm making every minute of every day count. I'm not going to spend a second doing something that's not in line with where I'm headed and I'm no longer putting off things that my heart desires!

This is your life and your 2018 - go and get it and make it exactly the way you'd like it to be. 

Say YES to 2018!

Happy New Year - Love Mel Dee xx     

BTW  - My new car is lovely! Once I decided that I was going to have it and took massive action towards getting it, I had it in my driveway within a month! There was no delay, it all flowed beautifully and it really was like waving a magic wand!