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Is the Internet Big Enough for Jimmy Barnes?

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You might have caught the huge, screaming, Jimmy Barnes from the strange EDM country track in the last couple of months, but if you haven't, brace yourself! Kirin J Callinan released a song by the name of 'Big Enough' back in August and it features a huge vocal hook from none other than Australian music legend Barnsey.

And now it's become a global meme.

First, do yourself a favour and check out the original music video.

Marvel in Jimmy's magnificence from the 2:22 mark and be swept away by his power. 

The collective power of the internet did just that and now Jimmy has turned up in a variety of glorious places. 

In Game Of Thrones:

Star Wars:


The Simpsons:

Jurassic Park:

Rick and Morty:

(And our favourite) Full Metal Jacket:

Here's hoping Barnesy can convince the Cold Chisel boys to let him perform it at next year's Adelaide 500! What a gift.