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Adelaide's Tech Guy Fights Fine for Not Registering Dead Pet


Mt Barker Council resident Richard Pascoe is relieved to have a fine waived after he was billed $250 for not registering his dead dog.

The tech consultant and media commentator this week caused quite a stir when it emerged he was fined for not registering his dog that was put down by a vet before Christmas.

On February 26, Mr Pascoe explained the ordeal from his perspective.

"I had informed the council about 6 weeks ago who told me that the initial fine would be squashed," he claimed on Facebook.

He was then surprised to receive a much bigger fine of $501 with threats from the State Government had he could lose his driver's licence if he did not pay the expiation or pay a $26 fee to challenge it. 

On Thursday 27 February, the District Council of Mt Barker told Mr Pascoe the fine and $26 fee would be removed, issuing this statement to media from General Manager Community Services, Greg Parker:

"Mount Barker District Council and the State Government’s Fines Enforcement Unit were not aware of the circumstances until recently. Council has now waived the expiation given we now know the circumstances."

The Council asks that dog owners formally inform their council and/or DACO (Dogs and Cats Online) if their registered dog dies.

Photo at top of Richard and his dog, Marley, supplied by Richard Pascoe.